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2021 World Chicken Festival

LCAAHC was proud to participate in the 2021 World Chicken Festival in London, Ky. Our crew helped fry chicken in the worlds largest stainless steel skillet. Our crew fried chicken for

3 days during the festival.

What is The World Chicken Festival? It is a tribute to Colonel Harland Sanders founder of the world famous Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise which is well known around the world. His first restaurant and original one was built in southern Laurel County in the 1940's. The festival was established in 1990.

Fun Facts of Worlds Largest Stain Steel Skillet:

Size: 10Ft in diameter: 8 inches deep: 8 foot handle: weighs 700 pounds

Construction: 11 gauge hot rolled stainless steel: divided into 4 cooking sections.

Capacity; Requires 300 gallons of cooking oil. Can cook 600 quarters of chicken at one time.

Fuel: 60 gallons of natural gas ( more than an average family would use in a year).

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